Bondage 101

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An introduction to our basic introduction

There’s a lot of good basic information on bondage out there, and of course there’s also a lot that is not so good.

How to tell the good from the bad? How to get answers to simple questions that aren’t just one person’s opinion but have been checked out and approved by lots of very experienced bondage people?

We can help...

The Bondage 101 here is not meant to be comprehensive or exhaustive. It is meant to be a simple entry-level guide for beginners which distills all the good information out there into a minimal amount of space and presents it in an accessible easy-reading way. It should answer the common beginner questions, dispel some myths, give basic information, map out the path ahead, encourage people to go further, and warn against the most common mistakes.

As well as the 101 itself, we plan to have lists of links to websites with good reliable information that take things a bit further. And we will also have a list of sites with “beginner” information that we really don’t think is good enough.


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